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Our Vision

To empower every individual with independence and positivity whilst providing the best care and support.

Our Mission

To transform lives, and the world into a better place where individual needs and preferences are respected, the opportunities are endless and inclusive of the diversity across the globe, and independence is honored.

Our aim is to provide personalised services to NDIS participants, and enable them to live as independently as possible.

About Us

Positive Care Services

Positive Care is a disability service provider that envisions a world where every individual is given equal opportunity with integrity, and where inclusivity is not just a notion.

As a team of professional support workers, we are committed to maintaining high standards of care and support to ensure that participants can live as independently as possible.

While adapting to modern practices of providing high quality care, we stay true to our values and offer individualized support as per your needs.


To have a positive perspective towards life as a whole


To be grounded, and compassionate towards every living being

Our Values

The values that define our approach, and strengthen our foundation


To provide a safe and inclusive environment that helps the participants grow


To maintain the integrity of the participants, and the support workers


To understand the needs and goals of the participants wholeheartedly

Why Choose

Positive Care for all your NDIS needs

We provide end-to-end support services to eligible NDIS participants

Our values define our service delivery as we stay true to our roots, always

Our approach is personalized to your needs and developmental goals

We are team of experienced support workers offering high level of care

If we are to define life in two words, it would be- positive, and fulfilling

We know the importance of listening, and we promise to comprehend

Contact us for more information or to get a free quote

0123 456 789

Our Services

We offer an array of NDIS services to help diverse participant groups and individuals and meet their individual needs in the best possible way.


The team at Positive Care walks the extra mile and becomes the guiding force behind ensuring that appropriate accommodation is retained

Assist Personal Activities

The support workers at Positive Care are experienced in working in a range of environments, to ensure that all your personal activities are well looked .

Assist – Travel/Transport

We lay major emphasis on building capacities in participants to be able to travel as independently as possible.

Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

This support is provided to eligible NDIS participants in a shared living arrangement, wherein weassist them to perform their daily tasks

Daily Living- Life Skills

Under this support service, we help you inculcate essential life skills that are in alignment with your developmental goals.

Household Tasks

Sometimes, catering to household tasks can be tedious and time consuming with little or no support available.

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