Our Services

We offer an array of NDIS services to help diverse participant groups and individuals and meet their individual needs in the best possible way.


The team at Positive Care walks the extra mile and becomes the guiding force behind ensuring that appropriate accommodation is retained

Assist Personal Activities

The support workers at Positive Care are experienced in working in a range of environments, to ensure that all your personal activities are well looked .

Assist – Travel/Transport

We lay major emphasis on building capacities in participants to be able to travel as independently as possible.

Daily Tasks/ Shared Living

This support is provided to eligible NDIS participants in a shared living arrangement, wherein weassist them to perform their daily tasks

Daily Living- Life Skills

Under this support service, we help you inculcate essential life skills that are in alignment with your developmental goals.

Household Tasks

Sometimes, catering to household tasks can be tedious and time consuming with little or no support available.

Assist – Life Stages

We know how important it is to tackle and manage change, hence, we provide end-to-end support while you transition into a different life stage.

Community Participation

Considering that every individual favors a life that is full of independence, growth, and learning opportunities

NDIS Plan Management

This support service aims at providing NDIS participants with the support and assistance they need to manage the funding allocated to them as per the NDIS plan.

Group/ Centre-Based Activities

Group/Centre-based activities primarily focus on engaging participants in activities led andorganized by our support workers

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